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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the minimum amount I can cashout?
100 cents = $1.00 USD

2) How long until I receive my requested payment via PayPal or Payza?
Free members can wait up to 7 business days. Priority members will receive payment within 24 hours.

3) Do I need to pay to make money?
No. Account registration and making money with us is costless.

4) Why is my Payment Held?
It can be for one or more of the following reasons:
- Unverified email address
- Multiple accounts on the same IP
- Made a payment reversal
- Abusing or cheating our system
- Security measure to make sure it's you
To try and resolve any issue, please

5) Why am I still a free member if I purchased Priority membership via Payza?
This will happen when we receive payments from our Payza customers whose funds go on hold for 7 business days.
We will upgrade your account manually within 24 hours if your payment email is linked to your Free Cash Ads account.
If not we will contact you using your payment email right away or you can send us an email with your username and order number.

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