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Steps to earn well with Free Cash Ads (
1. Affiliate yourself with others and share Your Referral Link
By doing so you will gain referrals in your downline. This means every time a person you referred completes a Cash Ad you will earn from that as well.
50% profits for free members and 100% for priority members. You can purchase referrals from us when in stock. Visit Your Referrals page for more info.

2. Make more than 100.00 cents ($1.00 USD) per month
Refer as much people as you want as there is no limit and it's best when referrals can generate at least a dollar every month.
You should not upgrade your account if you make less than 100.00 cents per month because priority costs $1.00 per month.

3. Upgrade your account to priority membership
Once you are sure to make at least 100.00 cents per month through your referrals only,
become a priority member to double that earnings and receive payments within 24 hours.

As there are many different ways around and in between... feel free to share your way of earning well with us. It'll surely help others!

Thank you and all the best, Administration

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