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View web pages, watch YouTube videos and complete various free Offers to earn cash and withdraw via PayPal where you can then deposit into your bank account. You can presently make more than $0.04 per web page visit and $0.15 per video view. Plus, you will earn up to 100% extra profits from the people you invite.

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Place your YouTube videos in our platform and increase its views and visibility, potential likes, comments and subscribers by real, verified users worldwide. You can currently adjust your ad so viewers can watch more than 8 minutes of your video. You can select specific countries as well as choose between male and female visitors.

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List your web links in our system and increase its popularity and rank. You can target countries, choose between genders, set daily visits and hide traffic source. Visit websites, watch videos or complete offers and earn free cash to advertise or you can pay via PayPal. Our high quality traffic prices are ridiculously low.

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Create an account for free and start collecting cash from ads. Free Cash Ads also have offers and lifetime referral earnings for you to profit from at a maximum level. Payments are securely sent via PayPal where fees may apply. Minimum cashout for all members is set to only $1.00 and there is no withdrawal fee.

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You can choose not to view ads or advertise & still profit from your referrals.

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