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Service Terms

Account Condition

It is your responsibility to keep your account safe and we can not be held responsible if someone else accesses your account.
We do not allow accounts created using Proxies, Virtual Private Networks or any other service or tool that will hide your true identity.
You are only allowed to create one account per person and if you are caught creating more than one all your related accounts will be terminated.
You understand that if you provide us with false information and we act on it you can not hold us responsible for whatever may happen.
If you try in any way to jeopardize our services and servers flow to our members your account will be permanently terminated.
Please understand that we have the right to terminate your account if you continuously disrespect, spam, spread false rumors etc.

Account Security

You should know that we keep logs of every activity you make on our website which includes information that can help us rid of cheaters.
If you attempt to hack, DDoS, alter our script, break our online services or do anything else that can harm us we will terminate your access.
If you break any of our Service Terms listed on this page we will have the right to terminate your account and access without any prior warning.
People who will use auto clickers, softwares or tools to generate their earnings on Free Cash Ads will get their account(s) terminated and IP banned.

Advertisers' Advertisements

Advertisers at Free Cash Ads must respect people of all ages and nationality therefor we do not allow nudity, racism, illegal and offensive content.
You should know that advertisements you post is welcome in any language and that we are open to worldwide users who get verified by our Staff.
You understand that your advertisements must not contain any frame breakers and if your website does not show we will pause it and contact you.

Cash Payments

We currently accept payments from PayPal customer accounts that are in good standing and no disputes with Free Cash Ads.
Every purchase you make is generally not refundable but we are aware that there are some sensitive cases that requires a refund.
If you want a refund on a purchase you have made please contact us first as disputes with us will get your account terminated and refund sent.
The minimum amount of cents you can cashout at Free Cash Ads is 100.00 which is equivalent to $1.00 USD via PayPal where fees may apply.
As a free member you understand that you must wait up to 7 business days to receive payment and Priority members up to 24 hours.
If we send you a refund or any cash by accident and you do not send it back it will be deducted from your Free Cash Ads balance.

Lifetime Referrals

We do not tolerate bots in our system so all your referrals must be unique human beings who can engage in advertisement actions.
You understand that by having referrals you will earn cash from them when they are active for every Cash Link and Cash Video viewed.
You can not hold us responsible for your referrals activity or inactivity and understand that your referrals are in your downline for life.
At the moment we do not allow you to view personal information about your referrals other than your total amount and total earnings.

Refund Policy

Link Ads purchases can not be refunded once approved as the cash gets claimed by our members who perform on your advertisements.
Video Ads purchases can not be refunded once approved as the cash gets claimed by our members who perform on your advertisements.
Priority Membership purchases can not be refunded once approved unless you have no referrals and you made no previous cashouts.
Lifetime Referrals purchases can not be refunded once approved unless you still have $0.00 referral earnings after 7 business days.

Liability Agreement

We can not be held responsible for unpredicted delays or service failures we might face that are beyond our control.
We will not be held responsible for any activities from advertisers, members, third party companies and outside visitors.
We are not responsible for any tax payment or bill you must claim or submit in your country from the cash you receive from us.
If at any time we see that you do not agree to our Service Terms we will terminate your account until we come to an agreement.
We can change our Service Terms at any time and we will post about it some time later in our Community Forum to update our users.

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